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If you are a new student to Mooreville our new student registration will be Monday, July 30th & Tuesday, July 31st....from 8 till 2 each day.

All current students will also need their 3 proofs of residency brought to school. We will start accepting these beginning Monday, July 23rd.

You will need the following:

Dear Parents and Guardians, Everyone wishing to enroll or attend school in the Lee County School District will have to provide three (3) proofs of residence. Even if you have pre-registered your child for kindergarten or your child attended school this previous year in Lee County you will have to provide the three (3) proofs of residence at the start of school in August 2016. The following are the approved proofs of residence: 1. A Driver’s License or Government Issued Identification with your current Lee County address on it (Counts as one) 2. A current utility bill in your name with your Lee County address on it dated within 30 days of registration or a Lee County Automobile Registration Receipt valid on date of registration (Counts as one) Acceptable utility bills include: Electricity Bill Water Bill Home Phone Bill Gas Bill Solid Waste Bill Cell Phone Bill (two (2) or more consecutive months’ worth) 3. A copy of your mortgage document or property deed, filed Homestead Exemption Application form, or apartment/home lease agreement with length of lease included (Counts as one) If your utilities are included in your home/lease agreement and you do not have valid Lee County Automobile Registration Receipt, then you must provide a copy of the home/lease agreement stating clearly that the utilities are included with your lease payment. The length of the lease must be included. This will count as two (2) proofs of residence. If you cannot provide three (3) proofs of residence, then you will be denied enrollment until you obtain a Lee County Schools Affidavit of Residency Form from any Lee County School. This form and two (2) proofs of residence will have to be provided. Failure to provide proof will result in your child being withdrawn and dropped from the school roll until you have provided a current Affidavit with appropriate proofs of residence. These changes apply to all current students as well as students new to the district. If you have any questions, please feel free to call your child’s school. Thank you, Jimmy Weeks, Superintendent

T-Dap shots for Upcoming 7th grade 


All upcoming 7th graders will need their T-DAP shot before school begins on Monday, August 6th.
You must have proof of the shot on a Form 121.

Any questions please contact school at 680-4894...

Thank you



Open House will be held on Thursday, August 2nd from 3 to 6....

You may bring your 3 new proofs for residence at this time or we will start excepting new proofs on Monday, July 23rd...

Thank you

4 packs Loose Leaf Paper

4 packs Pencils

Binder 3"


4 composition notebooks, 100 page (not spiral)

3 subject spiral notebook for Comp. Math only


Colored pens that are NOT markers


8 Dry Erase Markers (thin and low odor)


Post-It Notes

Teacher Wish Items:  Germ-X, Clorox Wipes, Kleenex Tissue, Dry Erase Markers

4 packs loose leaf paper

2 packs #2 pencils

1 pack colored pencils

2 highlighters

2 Binders 3"

1 composition notebook

1 pack copy paper

1 pack graph paper

T I 30II Calculator



Science Lab $6 

Tech. Foundations $6

Scholastic Magazine $10


Teacher Wish List Items:  Germ-X, Clorox Wipes, Kleenex Tissue, Dry Erase Markers