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Class of 2014 and beyond:

4 credits of English

4 credits of Math

4 credits of Science*

4 credits of Social Studies

1/2 credit of Health

1/2 credit of PE

1 credit of Computer Discovery (Keyboarding/Computer Applications, Tech Foundations, or STEM)

1 credit of Fine Arts

7 credits of elective classes

Total: 26 Credits

*1 science must be lab-based (Chemistry, Physical Science, or Physics)

Special Distinction Curriculum Class of 2015 and beyond:

4 credits of English (includes at least 2 years of the following: Accelerated English, AP English, Dual Credit English Composition)

4 credits of math (Alg. I – 1, Geometry – 1, Algebra II – 1, Trigonometry – ½, Advanced Algebra – ½, Statistics – 1; Pre-Calculus – ½, Calculus – 1, AP Calculus AB - 1, Dual Credit College Algebra - 1, Dual Credit College Calculus – 1; Algebra III – 1; Advanced Math Plus - 1)

4 credits of social studies (Mississippi Studies – ½, Geography – ½, World History – 1, U.S. History – 1, U.S Government – ½, Economics – ½, any approved AP Secondary Social Studies course)

*4 credits of science (Biology I, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Biomedical Research, any approved AP Secondary Science course)

2 credits of foreign language or advanced courses in math or science

1 credit of technology (Computer Discovery or Keyboarding/Computer Applications, Technology Foundations, or STEM)

½ credit of Comprehensive Health

1 credit of the Arts

Approved Dual Credit courses may be taken as part of the Special DistinctionCurriculum.

* Two of the science courses must be laboratory based

93+ overall grade point average


Mississippi Scholars Requirements: (students graduating 2015 and after)

 English: 4 credits (English I, English II, English III and English IV)

 Mathematics: 4 Credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Any other Carnegie unit of comparable rigor (either Trig,/ Pre-Calculus or Trig./ Advanced Algebra)

 Science: 4 Credits (Biology, Chemistry I, Any two other Carnegie unit of comparable rigor (either Advanced Chemistry, Physics, A&P, Zoology/Botany)

 Social Studies: 4 Credits (World Geography (1/2),MississippiStudies (1/2), WorldHistory,USHistory,US Government (1/2), Economics (1/2))

 Art: 1 Credit 

 Advanced Electives:(Foreign Language I, Foreign Language II) or a 5th Advanced Math or Science

**NOTE: 2nd year Vocational courses may count toward fulfilling requirements--See your counselor for information regarding these courses.

 Additional Expectation:

  1. 40 hours of community or volunteer service during 4 years of high school - (example: VBS worker,  work camp - activities away from school must be documented by a leader in the organization on letterhead)
  2. 2.5 cumulative high school GPA
  3. 16 ACT composite
  4. 95% school attendance during 4 years of high school
  5. 3 Lettersof recommendation from a Principal, Counselor, and business/community leader for students with more than 4 in-school suspensions.
  6. No out of school suspension

 MISSISSIPPI IHL REQUIREMENTS To attend a four year Mississippi College: