Testing Tips

Testing Tips

 * Testing will begin at 8:30 each morning so please be on time!

 * Go to the restroom before testing begins. When you go to the restroom  

    during testing you not only interrupt your thought process but others as


 * Eat a good breakfast and gets LOTS of rest.

 * THINK positively! "I can do this" "I can succeed"

 * Read each question carefully and stay calm. Answer the ones that you can

    and come back to the ones you have difficulty with.

 * When you come to a question you don't know, mark out all of the wrong


 * Don't leave an answer blank. Make an educated guess if you have to.

 * Make sure you bubble under the correct number.

 * Check over your work!

 * Try to avoid conflicts the night before. Come to school with a clear and

    happy mind.

 * Follow the teachers instructions carefully.

 * REMEMBER!!! These tests show others in our county and state how

    smart you are!!  Show them what you can do!