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Career and Technical Education

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What is Career and Technical Education which is often referred to as CTE? CTE is similar to the vocational education classes that existed years ago but it is also very different. Many programs in CTE focus on high tech opportunities for students such as engineering and computer programming. CTE prepares students for jobs but are designed to be more academically rigorous than those of vocational education from previous generations. CTE is preparing students for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand jobs. Statistics show that students who take CTE courses are more likely to graduate from high school and continue onto job opportunities more prepared.

In the Lee County School District we provide several opportunities for our students in Career and Technical Education. We strive to offer the skills and education our students need to succeed in today’s diverse and competitive job market.


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Contact: Amy Johnson, NBCT Email

Career and Technical Education Director
Lee County School District



Career & Technical Courses

At Mooreville High School the following courses are offered:

Agriculture and Natural Resources I 

Agricultural and Natural Resources I is designed to introduce the student to fundamental concepts and principles of the modern agricultural and natural resources industry. Emphasis is placed on career and leadership skills; basic principles of plant, animal, and soil science; and basic mechanical technologies in the field.

Agriculture and Natural Resources II 

Agricultural and Natural Resources II is designed to continue the exploration of fundamental concepts and principles associated with agriculture and natural resources. Emphasis is placed on the conservation and management of natural resources; agricultural business management practices; and the environment as it relates to water quality, forestry, and wildlife. Instruction is provided on basic agriculture construction techniques and agriculture business management and processes. 


At Saltillo High School the following courses are offered:

AEST Concepts of Agriscience

Concepts of Agriscience is a course designed to introduce students to the sciences, technologies, and applied practices of the progressive agriculture/agriscience industry.

AEST Science of Agricultural Animals I & II

AEST Science of Agricultural Animals is a course that focuses on genetics, reproduction, and animal growth as they relate to producing market or breeding animals.

AEST Science of Agricultural Plants I & II

The Science of Agricultural Plants course is designed to introduce students to the role of plant and soil science in production agriculture, the importance of plant growth, nutrition and management, reproduction, and how to manage plant pests.


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Instructor: Jimmy Young
Mooreville High School

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Instructor: Laurie Baggett
Saltillo High School

Construction Core - Year 1

The Construction Core instructional program provides a foundation of knowledge to prepare students for employment or continued education in several occupations related to the construction industry. The curriculum framework for this program was developed in partnership with the Mississippi Construction Education Foundation (MCEF). MCEF is the accredited sponsor for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

Construction: Carpentry - Year 2

The Carpentry program includes an introduction to the basic carpentry processes. The purpose of the course is to prepare students to continue study in a postsecondary construction program (Residential Carpentry) or to begin work at the entry-level in a carpentry occupation. The carpentry units are written to the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certification standards. Students can earn the NCCER Blue Card which documents their training and can be an asset in getting a job, especially in the construction industry.

This course is offered at Mooreville High School for students from all over the district.

Tim Wigginton

Instructor: Tim Wigginton
Mooreville High School

Career Pathway Experience is offered at Mooreville High School, Saltillo High School, and Shannon High School. 

CPE provides the students the opportunity to take knowledge and skills learned in the pathway classroom and to apply and test that learning in the workplace. The CPE course fosters self-directed learning; strengthens the development of core academic skills through application in authentic situations; allows students to explore career options; enhances communication skills, leadership, and problem-solving; and contributes to community economic development.

The CPE course will increase student engagement, strengthen achievement, and transition youth from school to college or the workforce. The state is experiencing a rapid increase in economic development. New industries are moving into the state almost daily, thereby changing the skill requirements for entry into the workforce. Occupations that require advanced occupational skills are among the fastest-growing careers as well as some of the highest-paid. Technology has changed the workplace dramatically. Not only has productivity increased, but so has the quality of products being produced.

The goal of the CPE course is to initiate the school-to-work transition for high school students through practical work experience that is aligned with their clearly defined career objective. A student’s clearly defined career objective is determined by the CTE program in which they are currently enrolled or which they have completed, or, if not enrolled in a CTE program, by their individual career and academic plan. The student must be employed in the area of his or her career training. The CPE program is a joint effort of the school, business and industry, and the community. Program success depends upon their mutual support. 


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Instructor: Cheryl Cork
Mooreville High School

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Instructor: Chris Summers
Saltillo High School

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Instructor: John Vaughan
Shannon High School

Cyber Foundations is a middle school class that is offered at Guntown Middle School, Mooreville Middle School, Plantersville Middle School, and Shannon Middle School. Topics covered include keyboarding, digital citizenship, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, problem-solving, web design, and block-based coding.


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Instructor: Kellie Davis
Guntown Middle School

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Instructor: Julia Smith
Guntown Middle School

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Instructor: Jill Moore
Mooreville Middle School

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Instructor: Richard Williams
Plantersville Middle School

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Instructor: Jason Ohler
Shannon Middle School

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education consist of the CORE program and specific career and technical programs. The CORE program prepares students for living in the real world and helps them develop leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, communication, computer, and mathematical skills. The specific career and technical programs focus on career exploration and gaining the skills in a specific profession for entry-level employment or continuation of education. FCS education enhances the leadership potential and essential life skills of its students and encourages life-long learning.

FCS consists of four half-credit courses:

  1. Family Dynamics
  1. Nutrition and Wellness
  1. Child Development
  1. Resource Management

Different courses are taught at each high school in the district.

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Instructor: Ginger Lewis
Mooreville High School

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Instructor: Maddison Moore
Saltillo High School

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Instructor: Andrea Estes
Shannon High School

Health Science Core - Year 1

The Health Sciences (Core) course introduces students to the theory and practical applications of tasks related to employment in the field of health science. Students will cover topics such as safety in the workplace, infection control, health care systems, and the vital organs of the human body. The course offers insight into careers in health care as well as educational requirements and the professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities involved.

Healthcare and Clinical Services - Year 2 

The Healthcare and Clinical Services course helps the student establish insight into the healthcare field. Students will be exposed to the theory and applied tasks related to careers within health care. This course covers topics such as human growth and development, health informatics, information technology, and therapeutic and rehabilitative services. Other topics include medical and emergency services, mental health, and pharmacological and nursing services.


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Instructor: Charla Creel
Saltillo High School

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Applications is an innovative instructional program that prepares students to engage in future academic and career and technical courses of study in high school, community college, and institutions of higher learning.

The purpose of the program is to provide pupils with expanded knowledge of the use of critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, and technological skills and to enable them to apply knowledge in a technological context. Hands-on experiences related to the application of engineering concepts in the workplace are central to all portions of this course. Students will develop academic, 21st-century and human relations skills and competencies that accompany technical skills for job success to help foster lifelong learning. Students who complete the program will be better prepared to enter and succeed in the STEM workforce, or programs offered by Mississippi community and junior colleges and institutions of higher education.


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Instructor: Patti Williams
Mooreville High School

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Instructor: Jason Pannell
Saltillo High School

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Instructor: Vicki Homan
Shannon High School

Student Services Coordinators are teachers who provide instructional, career, collaborative, and supportive assistance to CTE students. While they are required to provide assistance to all CTE students, their primary charge is to identify and assess students to determine their qualifications as "special populations" and any appropriate additional services needed. Collaborations include parent, community, business, and industry and working within the school district to best promote success for career and technical education and special populations students.

In addition, they focus on the recruitment, enrollment, instruction, retention, placement, and follow-up of students preparing for high-skill, high-wage, high-demand occupations and/or non-traditional employment in new and emerging careers. The services provided by the SSC is to enable special populations students to be successful in their chosen career and technical education program and to prepare them for academic and career success. 

The SSC is also the testing coordinator for CPAs and national certifications for CTE students.

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Laura Honeycutt
Student Services Coordinator