Casey Dye Email


Chris Summers Email

Assistant Principal

Jonathan Chaney Email

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Lesley Berry Email

9th Grade & 10th Grade(A-J) Counselor

Ginny Turner Email

10th Grade(K-Z) & 11th Grade Counselor

Susan Dillard Email

12th Grade Counselor

Dena Buse Email


Jessica Buse Email

MSIS Attendance Clerk

Missy Dennis Email


Mandy Adams Email

Found. of Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry

Marla Adams Email

Special Education Teacher

Jean Anderson Email

Adv. Math Plus, Algebra II, DC College Alg.

Suzanne Bingham Email Site

Acc. English III, English III, DC Comp I

Amy Blake Email

Spanish I & II

Hannah Blankenship Email

Special Education Teacher

Stephanie Box Email

Found. of Biology

Lee Buse Email

Driver's Ed/Softball, Volleyball

Jeff Cates Email

English I & II

Danielle Charlwood Email

Special Education Teacher

Sherri Childers Email


Denise Coghlan Email

English II

Charles Covington Email

Ancient History/Cross Country

Chad Cox Email

Health, Safety Ed/Basketball

Sarah Crouch Email

DC Comp II, English IV

Gregory Davis Email

Physics, AP Physics, Earth & Space Science

Kellie Dillard Email

English II, Comp. Eng II/Swimming

Kayla Dillinger Email

Biology, AP Biology/BETA

Patrick Dillinger Email

US History/Football, Golf

Kami Ellis Email

English I, Comp. Eng I, Ess. College Lit.

Brandi Ferrell Email

Special Education Teacher-Science

Ryan Finch Email

Algebra II/Football, Powerlifting, Soccer

Jenny Fleming Email

Chemistry, AP Chemistry/Dance

Samantha Fleming Email

W Hist.,MS Stud.,W Geog./Asst. AD,BKB,XC

Scott Fleming Email

World History/Baseball

Deanna Gable Email


Karen Glover Email

Anatomy & Physiology

Titus Goree Email

Drug Ed/Basketball

Joshua Griffin Email

Physical Science/Tennis

Chuck Hampton Email

United States History

Robin Hill Email


Frank Hood Email

College Career Readiness/Football

Grant Johnson Email

US Govt, Econ/Asst. Baseball

Ashton Kent Email

Special Education Teacher

Keith Kimery Email

Econ & US Govt/Football

Kelly King Email

Special Education Teacher

Dorie Kisner Email

Business & Technology/FBLA

Tanner Lyons Email


Laura McCrory Email

Art/Scholar's Bowl

Kim McFarling Email

Business & Technology

Layne Michael Email

Algebra, Foundations/Asst. Football & Track

Kelsey Miller Email

Special Education Teacher

Maddison Moore Email

Family Sciences/Softball, Volleyball

Jason Pannell Email

Comp Sci,Algebra,Biology/ESports,Robotics

Chris Rankin Email

PE/Football, Track

Matthew Reeder Email


Eric Reynolds Email

Driver's Ed/Baseball

Ginger Reynolds Email

Adv. Math Plus, DC College Alg., Calculus, ACT Prep

AJ Rye Email

Psych., Sociology, World Hist./Football, Soccer

McCarthy Sanders Email

ACT Prep-Math, Geometry/Cheer

Morgan Sartin Email

ELA/Wrestling, Asst. Volleyball&Softball

Meisha Sparks Email

Zoology, Env. Sci., Chem./Yearbook

Carley Summers Email


William Thornton Email

Visual Arts I-IV

John T. Vines Email

English/Archery, TigerVision

Sherrye White Email

Foundations of Biology

Adam Whitley Email

Oral Communication, English III, ACT Prep

Anna Wildmon Email

World History

Cindy Wilkins Email

Algebra I & II

Michelle Crosby Email


Misty Cullum Email

Special Education Assistant

Kayla Foster Email

Cafeteria Manager

James Harrelson Email

SRO, School Resource Officer

Deana Jackson Email

Library Media Specialist

Lisa Lansdell Email

Support Therapist

Donna McCullar Email

Career Coach

Novana Milton Email

Permanent Substitute

Mickey Phillips Email


Jill Richey, RN Email

School Nurse