Beta Club

Beta Club

 "Let Us Lead by Serving Others"

The Saltillo High School Chapter of the National Beta Club was established in 1960. The purpose of the Beta Club is to stimulate effort, reward achievement, and to encourage and assist its members to continue their education after high school.

Beta Membership:
Membership in the Beta Club is by invitation only. Invitations are issued once a year at the end of the fall semester or at the beginning of the spring semester. A student that is invited and does not accept membership will not be invited again. A student must possess qualities of leadership, scholarship, and character and have a commendable attitude and a clear discipline record in the office and with teachers. Invitations to the Beta Club will be extended using the following and the above criteria.

Membership Criteria:
Students must have a final average of 88 or higher on each class/course taken that is rewarded a carnegie units. They must not have a 79 or lower for a nine weeks average. They must have a clear discipline record in the office, as well as, with teachers. They must have earned a carnegie unit in at least Algebra I & Biology(not intro) their freshman year and in Geometry or Algebra II and  a science above biology such as A & P, Envir/Zoo, Chemistry or Accelerated English II their Sophomore year in order to be eligible for membership.

Once a student becomes a member , he/she must maintain eligibility requirements. They must also enroll in 2 credits of advanced classes each year.

Students that transfer from another school must meet the SHS Beta Club requirements before they will be transferred into our membership.