Tim DeVaughn Email


Andy Brooks Email

Asst. Principal

Buddy Wyers Email

Asst. Principal

Susan Dillard Email

12th Grade Counselor

Ginny Turner Email

10th grade(K-Z) & 11th grade Counselor

Lesley Berry Email

9th & 10th(A-J) grade Counselor

Dena Buse Email


Missy Dennis Email

MSIS Attendance Clerk

Donna Neaves Email


Mandy Adams Email

Algebra I

Marla Adams Email

Special Education

Laurie Baggett Email


Suzanne Bingham Email

English III, Acc. English III & English IV

Amy Blake Email

Spanish I & II

Hannah Blankenship Email

Special Education

Meghan Block Email

English II

Stephanie Box Email

Intro. to Biology & Cheerleading

Kayla Bradley Email

Special Education

Rebecca Brawner Email

Algebra II & Adv. Math Plus

DeAndre Burress Email

Health, Safety Education & Basketball

Lee Buse Email

Softball & Drivers Ed.

Jeff Cates Email

English II, Comp Writing II & Archery

Sherri Childers Email

English I

Charla Creel Email

Health Science

Charles Covington Email

Ancient History & Cross Country

Chad Cox Email

Special Education

Sarah Crouch Email

English IV, Acc. English IV, & DC-Eng. Comp I

Gregory Davis Email

Algebra I, Physics, & AP Physics

Gregory Dillard Email

Choral & General Music

Kayla Dillinger Email


Patrick Dillinger Email

US History

Kami Ellis Email

English I

Cassie Farris Email

World History, MS Studies, Geography

Ryan Finch Email

Algebra II & Football

Janice Fleming Email

DC-English Comp I & II

Jenny Fleming Email

Chemistry, AP Chemistry

Scott Fleming Email

World History

Lindsey Gann Email

Family Dynamics, Consumer Science

Karen Glover Email

Anatomy and Physiology

Titus Goree Email

Drug Ed, Health & Basketball

John Ward Grace Email

Psychology, Sociology & Asst. Soccer

Josh Griffin Email

Physical Science & Tennis

Chuck Hampton Email

U.S. History

Matt Haygood Email

Econ. Govt. & Football

Robin Hill Email

Band Director

Deana Jackson Email

English II

Debbie Knight Email

Math Inclusion

Craig Lauderdale Email

World History & Boys Basketball

Laura McCrory Email

Art I

Kim McFarling Email

Tech Foundations & Personal Finance

Brad Mitchell Email


Jason Pannell Email

Exploring Computer Science

Karen Porter Email

Biology & AP Biology

Chris Rankin Email

Football, Phys Ed, & Track

Matthew Reeder Email

Geometry, Girls & Boys Soccer

Eric Reynolds Email

Baseball & Drivers Ed.

Ginger Reynolds Email

Adv. Math Plus, Calculus, & DC-College Alg.

Carley Rhudy Email

Special Education

Erin Rowland Email

Algebra I

Vance Slagle Email

SREB Math Ready, Alg. I & Alg. II

Meisha Sparks Email

Environmental Science, Zoology, & Yearbook

Chris Summers Email


Ryan Summers Email

US History & Football

William Thornton Email

Gifted Art & Art I

Evelyn Trice Email

Intro to Info. Tech., Accounting, & Business Law

Sherrye White Email

Biology & Intro. to Biology

Adam Whitley Email

English III, Oral Comm. & DC Public Speaking

Angela Collins Email

Vocational Student Services Coordinator

Michelle Crosby Email


Gina Edwards Email

Asst. Teacher

Melissa Flaherty Email

Career Center

Nellie Grisham Email

Special Education Assistant

Jeannie Lansdell Email


Lisa Lansdell Email

Support Therapist

Laura May Email

School Nurse

Mickey Phillips Email