Saltillo Primary School is located on Highway 45 in Saltillo. The school serves students in kindergarten through second grade. Saltillo Primary’s staff consists of 57 certified personnel, 49 non-certified personnel, a full-time nurse, 2 academic coaches, and a Lifecore therapist. 

Each of the 12 kindergarten classrooms at Saltillo Primary have a certified teacher and a full-time assistant. An assistant is shared between two classrooms in first and second grade. There are 13 classrooms in first grade and 12 in second. The teacher to student ratio is 2 to 22.

Students at Saltillo Primary receive instruction in reading and mathematics using the College & Career Readiness Standards that are aligned in pacing guides. Pacing guides break up the CCRS quarterly and by semester. Saltillo Primary differentiates reading instruction by using the “Walk to Read” model with first and second grade students. This model requires uninterrupted reading instruction for at least 90 minutes a day. Science and Social Studies are integrated during reading.

In addition to receiving instruction in the primary classroom, students receive instruction in activities such as music, physical education, art, library, and the computer. Gifted classes are also offered to students in second grade.

Finally, at the “Little Tiger” school, we believe that every student should receive quality minutes and quality instruction.