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May 2018

Hello Parents and Guardians,

            We are excited to have your child as a new student on our campus for the 2018-2019 school year. We know moving up to a new school with new buildings, new teachers and new friends can be scary, but do not worry!  Our teachers and staff are prepared to help your child’s transition to the Elementary be as smooth as possible. Our teachers spend the first few weeks of school going over rules and routines so everybody will know exactly what to do and will know exactly where to be!

Important information about getting started for the 2018-2019 school year--

  • Office hours in the summer are Monday- Friday, 8am-12pm
  • Students that are new to our district are able to begin enrolling on July 9th.
  • If your child is planning on attending another school other than Saltillo Elementary next year, you will be able to come to our office and withdraw your child after the last day of school, May 22nd.
  • If you are coming to Saltillo Elementary from Saltillo Primary, you do not need to “re-enroll” your child. You just need to update your proofs of residency and your data forms.
  • Residency can be completed for the 2018-2019 school year beginning on July 9th during our summer office hours.
  • The first day of school for the 2018-2019 school year is August 6th.

Meet the Teacher Days are by Appointment only this year, the days are as follows:

  • 3rd grade, August 1 and August 2 
  • Your appointment time with your teacher will be set once you come to the school and meet residency requirements, you are able to do this beginning July 9, 2018.  Residency proofs need be turned in by July 23rd to attend your Meet the Teacher appointment. 
  • Every child must complete residency EACH year for re-enrollment in the Lee County School District. For a complete list of what is required for residency please visit the LCS homepage and click on the “About” tab and then go to “Registration,” then “Residency.”  
  • You may update your residency by email or fax this year! Email Madison Roncalli at to request a data sheet and a residency checklist form. Then you can email your completed forms back to her email or fax them to us. You may also call our school office at 662.869.2211 and request a data form and a residency checklist form to be faxed to you, then you can fax your completed forms back to us. Saltillo Elementary Fax number: 662.869.1620.
  • Please call our office at 662.869.2211 if you have questions.


We look forward to meeting all of our new third graders!! 

SES Administrative staff


The 2017-2018 SES school yearbooks are ready for pick up in the school office.    Please bring your yearbook receipt.  


The Lee County Library Bookmobile is at Saltillo Elementary from 1:00pm - 1:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

For the safety of all our students, we are enforcing the 2:30 PM student pick up deadline.  For safety, the parents need to use the car rider line for student pick up after 2:30 PM each school day.   SES allows early check-out of students until 2:30 PM.  After 2:30PM, children must be picked up through the car rider line.  Again, this policy is to ensure the safety of our students.

Saltillo Elementary School

October 2015


Dear Parents:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the policies that are in effect at our school.  Every policy on our campus is created to ensure our students have a safe, positive environment in which to learn and grow.


Office Hours: 

7:40 am to 3:40 pm 

School Hours:

7:50 am to 3:05 pm


Morning Car Rider Line:

7:10 am to 7:40 am

Afternoon Car Rider Line:

3:05 pm to 3:25 pm


Must be in writing and received before 12 Noon

An email to the homeroom teacher or a fax to the office will be accepted.  Ideally, send note with your student to homeroom teacher first thing in the morning.



A student must be present each day of the 9 week grading period with no tardies nor early check outs to qualify for perfect attendance.  Exception:  Tardy or early check out with a doctor’s excuse will be exempted.



Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom by 7:50 am.  We require students arriving at 7:45 am or later to be signed in at the office so that we may be sure that they are not marked absent.



A student must be present 63% of a school day in order to be counted present for that day.  In other words, if a student misses more than 2 hours and 34 minutes of school, they will be counted absent for that day. 



The following are acceptable reasons for a student absence:  personal illness, illness in the family, death of a family member, doctor’s appointment for illness, and other special reason pre-arranged with the principal.  Doctor’s excuse or parent communication (note or email sent to teacher, or phone the office) explaining absence must be received within 3 days of returning to school.  Parent communications are limited to 6 per semester. 


Thank you for your support as we work together to provide the best possible educational experience for your student.