Beta Club

Beta Club

The Beta Club is a scholarship, leadership, service organization.  Because it is an honor club, students are invited to join based on academic records, teacher recommendations, and administrative recommendations.

Students are expected to exemplify the highest standards of achievement, morals and scholarship.


Eligibility Rules for Membership:


Membership will be available to students on grade level in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Students must have and maintain a 90 final grade average in courses taken whether the course be a 9 weeks course, a semester course or a year long course.  (This includes grades from the 8th grade to determine freshman membership.)

Members will be allowed one probationary grading period during their three years of membership eligibility.

Service requirements or service participation will have no effect on membership in the club.

Attending the state and national convention is a privilege.  Service requirements or service participation WILL affect attendance at state and national conventions.


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